Night Paintball Games

Do you want to host a birthday party for a teen or adult or a special event like a bachelor party or corporate party that is different from all of the other parties you’ve attended? People probably won’t remember it in a few weeks if you choose to have a party at a movie theater, restaurant or bar, but they will surely remember an evening spent at Battle Creek Paintball & Airsoft Fields.

Host an especially memorable party with a nighttime game of paintball at Battle Creek Paintball & Airsoft Fields. These special nighttime paintball tournaments are hosted in Battle Creek’s junkyard field, sure to deliver an exhilarating adrenaline rush unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

Battle Creek Paintball & Airsoft Fields is all about providing people with paintball games that are fast-paced and incredibly fun. Many people enjoy playing paintball at night even more than they do during the day, since the darkness provides them with one more challenge that they have to fight through to win. Whether you are a teenager with limited paintball experience, an adult who enjoys going paintballing every weekend, or a best man looking to throw a groom-to-be a party that will help him relax and get his mind off everything he still needs to do before his wedding, you’re sure to have a blast at Battle Creek Paintball & Airsoft Fields. The fun never ends when you’re playing paintball at night!

If you would like to play night games of paintball, Battle Creek Paintball & Airsoft Fields would love to have you. It costs just $45 to take part in night games, and participants will need to bring their own equipment. The junkyard field setting delivers just the adrenaline rush you’re looking for when you come to play paintball, and you will definitely have the time of your life hiding from and hunting your opponents at night.

Does a night game of paintball sound like a great time to you? Then come to Battle Creek Paintball & Airsoft Fields and play a night game for yourself. Call Battle Creek at 973-545-2556 today and learn more about the night games options available.