Corporate Paintball Matches - Great Team Building Activities!

Searching for something new and different for your next company event?

Tired of the same old activities you’ve been doing for years?

Battle Creek paintball fields offers an exciting alternative to routine sales meetings and typical employee parties.

Paintball is bold, different, and guaranteed to capture everyone’s interest. Paintball is a TEAMBUILDING event full of action-packed excitement, attracting people from all professions and walks of life.

Our Corporate Paintball Shoot-Out is designed for groups that want to combine TEAMBUILDING and LEADERSHIP training with adventure, excitement and competition.

Two teams are selected and given a set of objectives: to develop the best strategy for capturing and controlling the oppositions’ territories and flag stations, while simultaneously defending their own flags and their co-workers. Come play at North Jersey’s best paintball fields!!

Please call 973-545-2556 to schedule your corporate team building event today!