Name Brand Paintball Guns, Masks & Gear for Sale!

Battle Creek is your destination for paintball and airsoft parties in New Jersey, and we carry all the equipment you need to get started or take your game to the next level from guns to masks and more! All gear comes with a lifetime warranty and is competitively priced.

We have only been around for five years, but we have already developed close relationships with all our suppliers, who know we are good for our word and our customers always leave satisfied. This means we’ll always have the best and latest in gear in our paintball pro shop.

Only the highest quality equipment from the major brands in the paintball business can be found in our store.

Looking for a new gun to upgrade with? Whether you want an Empire Vanquish Marker or Tippman’s realistic US Army packages, you’ll find what you need.

Need a replacement mask? Are you pants tattered from getting hit on the battlefield? We’ve got you covered with Draxxus.

We’re passionate but professional here at Battle Creek and are eager to help you find the equipment you need, whether it’s your first gun or the most innovative new equipment, like Dye’s innovative, LED display equipped Rotor.

Please come for visit; we look forward to helping you.