Fun Paintball Games to Play with Your Friends

Paintball is an extremely fun sport to play with your friends, especially if you have a large piece of land that is heavily wooded. There are plenty of different games you can play when it comes to paintball as well that many people don’t realize. The general idea of paintball is to get two teams of however many people and just play an elimination game, but there are some other fun ones you should mix in there as well. 

Friends playing paintball


There are probably plenty of different names for this game mode, but wingman is one version to remember. In wingman, you have teams of two, and you can have as many teams as you want. You and your partner have to eliminate every other team out in the field. This is just a more competitive elimination game mode that spices things up. It’s important to stick with your partner as much as you can. 

Attack & Defend

This game mode is extremely strategic for people who are looking to play. In attack and defend, you have two teams, and the two teams usually are not even in terms of the ratio of players. It depends on how difficult you want the defend or attack to be. The defending team will have to secure a position such as a bunker, hill, or other secluded are to defend. The attack team will start on the opposite side, and they will have the ability to attack from all different angles. 

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is one of the most game modes besides Team Deathmatch (Elimination). In Capture the Flag, you can either decide to have one flag planted in the middle of the field or two flags in each teams’ base. Each team has to fight their way to each other’s flag and return it to their own base. When there is one flag planted in the middle, each team has to fight to capture that one flag and of course return it to their own base. 

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