Why is Paintball So Much Fun?

Many people play paintball for the enjoyment and thrill, but many others don’t understand what the attraction is. Well, we’re here to tell you why it is so much fun to get out with a group of friends and play paintball. 

Paintball players playing at course

Competitive Sport to Play

If you’ve played paintball before, you probably already know and understand the competitiveness that goes along with it. When accompanied by friends, the competition rises, which ultimately gives you an adrenaline rush straight to the heart. Fun comes with the game of paintball, and playing at a course like Battle Creekyou’ll be able to experience the fun you’ve been waiting for. 

Gives You Focus and Tactical Experience

When playing paintball, the concept of the game requires focus and determination to win. Paintball is all about being stealthy and quick to shoot the other team. You’ll have to remain focused to make sure you yourself don’t get knocked out of the game. Another big part of the game is being tactical and strategic when playing. Paintball isn’t just a game about running around a field or course dodging paintballs. If this was the case, the game would be much less fun. 

Paying attention during the game ultimately makes playing paintball more enjoyable. When playing paintball with us at Battle Creekyou’ll be able to experience all of these things with your friends. 

Battle Creek

Here at Battle Creekwe provide a great course at our grounds for playing paintball competitively. If you’re looking to play paintball and experience the enjoyment at a safe place, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Battle Creek at 973-545-2556 today or visit us online for more information! 

A Review on the Tippmann 98 Custom

Many aspiring paintball players who want to get into the sport always wonder what gun they should be buying. For starters, there are many paintball guns out there on the market that are reliable, but the Tippmann 98 Custom is one of the most reliable and commonly used guns for many players. Why is this? 

Well, we’d like you to be able to use a proper working paintball gun if you’re going out to a specific paintball place or just in the woods with your friends. 

Tippmann 98 Custom is Worth it

Reliability is extremely important when it comes to playing paintball. You want to make sure that your gun doesn’t get jammed out in the field. The Tippmann 98 is not only very reliable, but it is also pretty easy to use. If you’re a beginner, this is probably the best gun you can get. The simplicity and sleekness makes for a great gun out in battle. 

  • Durability – this gun has solid construction of metal, and it allows for an easy and comfortable grip when handling. 
  • Maneuverability – This gun only ways 2.9 pounds, which makes it useful when you’re moving quickly through the woods or grounds that you’re on. You won’t have to worry about blisters or cramps with this one either. 
  • Bang for Your Buck – The base model is very reasonable in price, and it is considered the entry-level price tag with the option of modification and accessories. A 2-year warranty comes with the gun as well. 
  • Efficiency – The inline bolt system limits wastage when firing, cuts down on CO2 usage, and lasts long in the game. 

Battle Creek Paintball & Airsoft 

If you’re ready to get out in the wilderness and play paintball, come play with Battle CreekWe have several options for individuals and groups who are looking to have a good time playing paintball. Contact Battle Creek at 973-545-2556 today for more information on paintball guns and paintball events. 

We are Back! Come Play Paintball with Us

We are finally back open for business for all the paintball fanatics and airsoft players. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we had to close down for a while. Many businesses around the country have had tough times to deal with. We are happy now that we can finally be open to the public, and we would like you to come play paintball with us as soon as you can. We’re sure many people are dying to get out on our fields and into combat!

Paintball warzone

You Need Paintball At this Time

So, you’ve been stranded in your house for a few months now. We’re starting to open up around the country, and everyone is ready to go back to a normal life. It’s not quite the same out there, but we’re slowly starting to see some normal things going on. As the weather is finally warming up for summer, paintball is a wonderful way to get outside, get exercise, and relieve some stress by shooting paintballs

Whether you have been working from home or not, paintball can give you the stress relief you need during this time. Being stuck in the house can give many people anxiety due to the fact that the outside world is very limited when it comes to activities. The wilderness is still calling, and so are we! 

Our rates: 

*All of our rates are the same, but we are NOT offering Zombie Nights or Night Paintball Sessions*

Battle Creek Paintball & Airsoft Fields

We want everybody to get back playing at our grounds. The competition and fun-filled paintball we have can help you escape from your workdays and stress. At Battle Creekwe offer a variety of packages for individuals and groups. If you’re looking to get back playing paintball, or you are a new player, contact Battle Creek at 973-545-2556 or visit us online today! 

Playing Paintball Can Offer Some Surprising Health Benefits

Paintball PlayerYou already know that paintball is a fun and exciting activity you can enjoy with a group of friends, but did you know that playing paintball can also offer some notable health benefits? Here are just a few examples of the many ways playing paintball can improve your health.

Enjoy a Full-Body Workout

If you play paintball, you can skip the gym for the day. All the crawling, diving, sprinting and dodging (while carrying your gear) works just about every muscle in your body.

Boost Endurance

Spend a few hours on the paintball field, and you’ll get a great cardiovascular workout that enhances your endurance levels.

Relieve Stress

The benefits of playing paintball aren’t just physical. It’s also good for your mental health! A rousing game of paintball will get your mind off things that might be keeping you up at night and provide a welcome boost of endorphins. After all, there’s no time to think about the stress of day-to-day life when you’re dodging fire from the opposing team.

Get Outdoors

Getting outside during a paintball game has a variety of benefits as well. Spending more time outdoors can improve your focus, mood and even promote a healthy immune system.

Build Self-Confidence

Your self-confidence is fundamental to your overall well-being. Playing paintball will foster your competitive spirit and leadership skills, making you feel good about your ability to contribute to a dedicated team effort.

Ready to enjoy the many health benefits of a fast-paced game of paintball? At Battle Creek, you can play paintball on 15 acres of woodlands, hills, paths and carefully crafted fields in West Milford New Jersey. Just give us a call or contact us online to schedule your next game today!

Ever Wonder What Paintballs Are Made Of?

PaintballsYou’re not alone. You may have shot many thousands of paintballs over the years, but do you really know what these paint-filled projectiles made of?

First of all, rest assured that you’re always getting hit with materials that are completely non-toxic and biodegradable. If you want a closer look into the construction of a paintball, read on.

Paintballs consist of two parts:

The Shell

The shell is the outer portion that breaks apart when your paintball makes impact with a surface – ideally a member of the opposing team. The shell is almost always made of gelatin, and it functions similarly to a supplement capsule. It contains the fill, but will break upon heavy impact. It’s important to store your paintballs properly, because the gelatin can harden in the sun or when exposed to air for a long time. When the gelatin gets too hard, you won’t get that satisfying splat when you make contact with an opponent.

The Fill

The fill consists of dye and solvent that marks your opponent once the shell breaks apart. The contents of the fill vary, but usually consist of water-soluble dyes contained within polyethylene glycol. Some cheaper variants are made with an oil base, but these are harder to wash out of clothing and not as environmentally friendly.

At Battle Creek Paintball, you can enjoy playing fast-paced games across 15 acres of woodlands, hills and fields that pose unique tactical challenges for beginners and veterans alike. Just give us a call or contact us online to book your reservation today!